Hindu Editorial Summary- 18 June 11

Hindu Editorial – ‘Friends for ever’ pts.

Basically the editorial talks about the relationship between Pakistan and US. The editorial underlines the various recent progress nd happenings in  between the two nations. The US Defence Secy says abt regional stability nd calls the behavior of Pak towards arresting der spies (CIA) as pure business nd doesn’t consider it to affect der relations…
1. Osama was killed on May 2 ,2011
2. Militants attacked the Mehran Base—May 22
3. Pak claims arresting a Army Major
4. Pak Ambassador to US-- Husain Haqqani
5. Another is a Haqqani group which is a insurgent group in North Waziristan closely related with Taliban
6. U.S. counter-terrorism  scale (1-10)…Pak cooperation rated 3
7. US Defence Secretary – Robert Gates
8. Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani  viewed as pro-American by New York Times
9. A term ‘mensis horribilis’ is used which means a general discussion.

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