MR OB-AMERICAN administration's WPO (War Process Outsourcing)

CEOs were once too swamped with increasing cost of their businesses but thanks to internet and related sophisticated technologies that those costs have now been translated into sheer profits. Yes, it was BPO (business process outsourcing) which revolutionized the US and European market almost a decade ago. Let it be customer support, telesales, software development, payroll management or any other business process, just shift your burden to under-developing countries like India, Philippines and get your job done at lower price.

BPO looked like an epidemic which kept on spreading across the globe especially India. Pakistan seemed to have been lagging behind in BPO industry while India claiming most of the businesses. When you are pushed to the wall then it is a going all out situation and precisely that is what Pakistan did.


American invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 gave them opportunity they barely could afford to miss. Pakistan identified new market that required not B2B but government to government dealing. They offered US to outsource their war on terror to Pakistan. It broke all records of cost efficiency that were associated were BPO. Total expenditure on a US soldier is 80000$/month whereas a Pakistani soldier better familiar with terrain is costing mere 900$/month.

Moreover Pakistan offered some of benefits which other hardly dared to offer

§ Quick response to customer feedback i.e. bombing any random FATA after "do more" statement.
§ Excellent customer support in such a way that to remain apologetic even if you perform well.
§ Complimentary killing of Pakistanis to show their commitment to serve better
§ Being flexible on culture to the extent that customer devised culture was enforced and war on terror became the first slogan of the nation
§ Customer empowerment to such degree that customer can even appoint top brass of Pakistani Government and can even transfer army personnel and strategize the policies of army.
§ Customer can dictate you to join hands with your arch competitors i.e. India.
§ Customer will tell where to spend its payments and will charge for its consultancy.
§ Payments would still subject to approval of customer even if all requirements were met.
§ Customer can always opt out of the contract anytime whereas Pakistan cannot back out with its consent.
§ Even if there is no other country which will agree to aforementioned business with US. Pakistan would still consider it a favor from US and will remain obliged.
§ Customer will not compensate for any damage done to Pakistan while providing services or reaction to those services.

India is still taken aback over such bold strategy to draw foreign investment into the country. Experts believe that with predictions of new wars emerging in years to come, Pakistan will capitalize on competitive advantage they have got over others.

India and rest of the world will feel left out as the time will come.

Source- Ezine Articles

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